Small state, big pride—From the mountains of the west to the shores of the east, our Old Line love runs deep. Maryland Mercantile is a small company with a ton of passion. Armed with a team that not only loves this state, but also holds a high standard of design, our products are unmatched in quality and creativity. Paper goods, home goods, apparel and accessories—we’re constantly creating new products to spruce up your home, or gift to the true locals in your life. 

We are obsessed with Maryland: The state that brought us The Star Spangled Banner, offers unbeatable steamed crabs, and bears a kick-ass flag, which we fly proudly and incorporate into anything and everything imaginable; oysters, rockfish, orange crushes, Ripken(s), Poe, and Bohs; and having the good sense to know that fries are not fries without a few shakes of Old Bay. Make no mistake about it, Maryland is a remarkable place, and we’re all about showcasing the unique personality of our state through one-of-a-kind products.

So, how do you shop? With a brick & mortar in our hopes and dreams for the future, for now you can find us here (online) and around the state at events and festivals selling our Merc’ Merch to our faithful followers. We thank you for joining us on this journey of promotion and purpose, to show the world all that Maryland has to offer and portray the beauty and nostalgia that makes us proud to call this our one-and-only “home.”